Friday, July 04, 2008

Special Announcement

People who know me probably think that, in this election season, I would prefer Barack Obama.

This would be a fair assumption based on my disagreement with the Republican Party's perpetual willingness to be brokers for the oil interests, multinationals, and war profiteers that can be called 'Bush, Inc.', or just 'Evil'. John McCain is simply a component of that dreadful machine.

However, the 'Demon-crats' despite their more pragmatic concerns, have barely stood up to the mafia that's running the executive branch. Obama has shown more intelligence, leadership, and willingness to battle than most of his fellow "left-wing" party. Lately, though, his supporters and critics have been noticing some political compromises that might not make him the progressive messiah that exists in the minds of many.

Many people are fed up with the 2-party system and its negative effects on our government. That is why I waited until the historic day of July 4th to reveal a special announcement. I'll let this news report speak for itself and myself.

Now, it's time to go prepare for this huge responsibility -
with beer, grilled meat, and horseshoes!


fmcculley said...

Paul. I would love to know what your announcement is, for I am using an iPod touch to view this blog and the big announcement didnt show up. I am not quite ready to make my big announcement, but I am not finding a whole lot to like about obama. Increasing the size of the army tells me he is planning on using it.

fmcculley said...

Wonderful....that was pretty darn cool.

I would write you in except you are not yet 35...maybe in 2012.