Thursday, August 21, 2008

Regarding the People's Glorious Olympics

I have only the bare minimal interest in anything that is happening with the Olympics. My life is too busy right now to really pay any attention, other than that the guy with ADHD won like 100 swimming medals. Actually, I was watching the race where Michael Phelps beat out the snooty Frenchman by a fingertip & that was pretty cool. Mostly, though, because I was in a bar with my friends eating wings & drinking beer.

There are improvements that the Olympics need to really draw me in. The most obvious winner would be the inclusion of "Monkey Games". Some visionary genius already realized the greatness of such a spectacle:

Coincidentally, Dan the Man sent me's excellent list:

"20 Ideas For Making
the Olympics
Kick Way More Ass"

Sarlacc Jumping
...Now THAT'S exciting!!!

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