Thursday, August 28, 2008



Well, the long-legged mack daddy Barack Hussein Obama has certainly made quite a commotion with his nomination for President.

The American media is very proud of themselves, apparently because someone is actually (!!!) running for President that is only half white! Amazing, simply AMAZING!!!

The level of excitement on TV actually surprised me. A couple friends watching it with me aren't really into politics & thought it was a great speech. It was really good, but I always look at things & think how I could do them better.

In my opinion, Obama should have hammered McCain, Bush, and the whole Neocon approach to politics much, much harder. There are so many injustices and failures in judgment that have wasted unimaginable resources and potential. Barack did give some good jabs, but the Republicans are going to go to town like blood-hungry jackals next week. The idealism is nice and all, but this is competition for the lives of millions and there are substantial risks to a McCain presidency. 'Sigh', maybe I just read too much...

In any case, the cynical realist in me hopes that Americans are prepared to have their collective dreams crushed in one way or another. As long as the Sith master, Dick Cheney, roams the halls of power, no one is safe.

"We're not gone yet!"...

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