Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quantum Informational Biophysics

This past weekend I was doing a random search for images associated with cymatics, the study of vibration patterns. It's a topic I've been curious about for awhile & for some reason I felt like looking at these amazing visual representations of sound.

One fascinating picture I came across was a pattern that can be seen to contain sacred geometric shapes like the Seal of Solomon & the Seed of Life.

Google shows the source page of a searched image, & I saw that this particular one was from an intellectually dense, but engaging essay from the blog of a chiropractor named Sara Brown http://www.changethechannelstupid.com.

Some of it may seem New-Agey or just incomprehensible to some, but I think humanity is coming to terms with levels of reality that may not be currently recognized by the narrow 'mainstream' science. Anyway I thought it was an interesting read, but I eat up this sort of thinking:

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