Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Turkey

The things that I'm most thankful for is my family, my well-being, & my career. Everything else is secondary, but I try to be grateful for every moment I get to experience life.

However, I realize there's something I'm thankful for politically, as America & President Obama all find ourselves firmly entrenched in the vast shitstorm that is reality.

Seeing the ridiculous circus following Sarah Palin's book signing/interview tour, things could always be much worse. In my expert opinion, things would have been completely bonkers by this same time if team McPain had won the election.

I had a brief, terrifying vision just now... of Sarah debating Barack in 2012 & millions of people cheering her on. Could the people of this country be so cynical & void of judgment that she could be given the reigns of the government?

The first thing she would do if elected (with God's blessing, of course) would be to nuke the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem so she can erect her own temple & become Queen of the World.

Even though I've obviously never been a fan of hers, I don't think she's actually evil or anything. Her voice just makes me want to rip my ears off.

... and of course we all have Sarah to give thanks to this holiday - for the most unsettling & wacked out turkey-related video ever:

Maybe the turkeys were better off not hearing to her nonsense.

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