Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sound Spheres

I'm not sure why the idea that sound waves form spheres is "news", since I thought it was common sense that sound vibrations extend uniformly into 3 dimensions.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the study of cymatics involves vibrational patterns, primarily of sound. Despite my interest in this area, I still haven't lived up to my 2009 New Years resolution to learn dolphin 'cymaglyphs'.

I'm sure the idea of visualizing these energy waves in space is something that will probably be further realized through augmented reality of some kind. Perhaps there will be something like a 3D version of the iTunes graphic visualizer:

In my browsing the links of the above story, I came to realize that there is a blog devoted to the topic called The Journal of Cymatics.

Here's some other links and a great collage of sound patterns captured as visual images- 100 Monkey Effect: Cymatics

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