Friday, January 09, 2009

New Monkey Buddha Graphic

This is apparently my 500th post since I started this leisurely pursuit of 'blogging' waaaaay back in June 2005!

To celebrate this and the New Year, I'm bringing out the new Monkey Buddha graphic I made, with an animated GIF version.

I think it captures the essence of "The Monkey Buddha" & all the mysteries contained within...
(Also, it's kinda funny.)

Although my career is in graphic design, writing on this blog is a huge creative outlet for my own personal interests.

For my profile, I've been using a picture of Hanuman putting Dubya in a headlock. Since that one-man disaster is finally leaving (we assume), I figured it was time to create an original logo of some sort...

Clicking below brings up a desktop-size image:

If you study this picture long enough,
you will understand

; P


A. J. said...

Dear Paul,

I am inquiring if you would kindly give me permission to use your picture of the Monkey Buddha in my thesis which I would like to publish in a limited edition. I would like to use it in order to increase the awareness of Buddhist practitioners about the negative consequences of a competitive mentality.

Kind Regards & Marry Xmas,

Agnes Peter

paul_mic said...

Yes, sounds interesting. As long as there is attribution or a link provided, it's fine.