Monday, November 08, 2010

Judging Smiles

I consider myself an excellent judge of character. Even short interactions with people usually can give me a good idea of their essential nature. It's probably attributable partially to instinct, alot of observation, and experience with a wide variety of people- from the scum of the earth to people with saint-like virtues.

Spotting sincerity or the lack thereof is a no-brainer for me & when people are being "fake" it is like a fire alarm in my head, though I never call people out who I don't know well.

Taking this quasi-scientific visual quiz solidified the confidence I have in my people-scrutinizing skills.

I would have scored perfect, but I went against my gut feeling on the first one... which was the only 1 out of the 20 that I missed.

BBC Science:
"Spot the Fake Smile"

This next one's a little tougher...
but I'm pretty sure this smile is a fake one:

I'm a sucker for a pretty smile...

Incidentally, I also took the "Thinker Quiz" on the BBC site & I'm an 'Existential Thinker', which seems appropriate.

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