Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad Action Figures

Since I'm getting ready for Toy Fair in NYC this weekend, it's a good time to post this great list of really bad action figures I saw a while back:

There are so many laughably bad characters, but my favorites have to be the He-Man "smelly" characters: 

Moss Man (which was Beast Man with green paint, fur, & pine scent) 

& Stinkor... yes, an action figure that looked & smelled like a skunk (which was just a Mer-man figure painted black & white). They are just awesomely bad toys.

"Why won't anyone play with me?!?!?!"

As kids, my 2 brothers & I amassed an extensive collection of toys & actions figures over the years. With such a vast collection, we inevitably had most of the crappy toys on that list. Batman's "Bob" & The G.I. Joe character "Chuckles" were off-the-charts lame.

I guess when you're trying to create so many characters for a toy line, a few duds are bound to slip in the mix.

There are plenty of other examples of action figure failures. One day I'll have to gather up some of the worst ones I can find & make my own list.

This stupidly grinning Lex Luthor that punched himself in the head comes to mind:

Even the packaging sucked for that that 1990's line of DC superheroes by Toy Biz.

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