Thursday, February 02, 2012

Generative Computer Art

This is a cool video I saw on BoingBoing that shows the endless creative power that people are developing with the aid of computers.

Ever-improving digital tools are crucial in generating visuals that we mere humans could never create with physical means.

Most of my art is done with computers- so it's the brush, paint, & canvas of my artistic life.

Usually, I can directly translate imagery in my mind's eye onto the screen, using Adobe software or other image-generating programs.

The magical process of interfacing with machines is so ubiquitous now, it's often taken for granted. On the other hand, I personally often think how amazing it is that we can manipulate these pixels of light around a translucent surface to externalize our thoughts.

Technology is like an alchemical process of forming new things from existing elements. As long as communication and innovation are continually encouraged, there's no telling what astonishing feats man will one day see as commonplace.

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Michael Scharen said...


I would like to talk to someone about the Sun Tattoo design. We are a non-profit screen printer and would be interested in using this design.