Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making the iPhone Jump

Last night I finally put my LG Vue to rest after 3 yrs. It worked well for most of its life, but recently the touchscreen was going crazy. I've known my next phone would be an Apple iPhone. My hand was finally forced & now I must further assimilate into the digital Borg.

 I'm writing this post on the iPhone 4S using Google's Blogger app. However, the features are limited & I can't even post a pic, so I don't think I'll be posting from the phone often. I'll post some more thoughts from my Mac when I get a chance.

Despite its limitations, it is a truly amazing device. It is a masterpiece of design & a wonder of technology. Though I have some criticism, my overall feeling is that smartphones & mobile devices are a quantum leap toward greater enhancement of the mind & augmentation of the senses. Now all I need is an iThink to facilitate multiple streams of consciousness.

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