Monday, August 06, 2012

The Evolution(?) of Man

My Dad, Big Paul, has a funny outlook on technological progress.

He always insists that technology is changing us in such a way that humans are going to end up as immobile blobs, with video screens attached to their faces.

The movie Wall-E had a similar premise:

Considering that I & my siblings have iPhones that we're always on, I can see how he'd think his prediction is being vindicated.

I saw this amusing animated GIF below on Memebase & I immediately thought of my Dad's theory:

I personally think that even with future technology (like an "Apple iThink") humans will still physically function as we do now. However, our senses, perceptions, & mental abilities will be enhanced beyond limits we can currently imagine.

Maybe there will eventually be movements of people, "Naturals," who vigorously oppose the inevitable melding of man & digital machine.

One day in the farther future, however, there might be a point where, as the late, great Terence McKenna claimed, we may 'shed our monkey bodies' & enter hyperspace, no longer confined by the physical constraints of our current biological existence.

Until then... I'll just continue to enjoy the many pleasures & novel sensory experiences of this mortal, humanoid form.

(...although I would appreciate augmented memory & perceptions with multiple, parallel streams of consciousness.)

To illustrate this jump into the Singularity, below is a techno-eschatological self-portrait I submitted to the website, "Can You Draw the Internet?":

From The Monkey Buddha Visual Archive:

"A digital self-portrait
representing the mind integrating with &

transcending physical technology
through immersion into the realm of pure energy.

The Internet is the beginning of a conduit
into a non-local experience of consciousness."

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