Monday, December 17, 2012

"Da Vinci's Challenge" Game Promo

Recently, I uploaded the above promo video for the award-winning strategy game,

It's an introduction to the many mysteries of 'Da Vinci's Challenge', which I invented back when I was a graphic design student in college.

The circular game board is the ancient symbol known as The Flower of Life- which can be found in sacred art & architecture throughout history.

Players place Oval & Triangle pieces in their color on the board, to form "Secret Symbols" of different point values.

'Da Vinci's Challenge' is a creation that I think transcends any particular time or demographic.  I believe it has many possibilities for future development in different media. This 'teaser trailer' was made from footage shot for a longer video that I'm planning on putting together. It will hopefully be part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund development of a 'Da Vinci's Challenge' digital game app.

I'll post any big developments here, but you can also "Like" the page below on Facebook to get updates & related content.

The Official "Da Vinci's Challenge" Facebook Page:

Here is the website for our company, 3 Amoebas, Inc. with more info & links about the game:

My brother helped me out immensely in editing this video. Here's the website for his company, MicPros, which also has a link to his YouTube page:

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