Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa is a Communist

I made this poster to expose the danger of The Red Socialist Menace from the North.

Santa Claus is the ultimate proponent of wealth redistribution & the anti-Capitalist sentiment known as "giving".

Santa, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, St. Nicholas...this subversive character has many aliases, like a terrorist.

His example is teaching the children that it's okay to just give things to other people, with no form of compensation. This foreign threat is clearly anti-American, and is taking money from the most important people- the "job creators" who benefit from Western culture's insatiable thirst for crass commercialism.

Maybe one day, the USA will do the right thing, & take out this hostile invader with an unmanned drone strike on his flying sleigh.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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John Crossley said...

I understand the satire. Here's a point to consider. There's nothing anti-Capitalist about giving. I wholeheartedly encourage it. I just object when a government takes my wealth (a relative term here) to give as they see fit.

Happy New Year!