Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Sense of Right Alliance" Action Figures

My professional career has consisted mostly of designing graphics or packaging for games & toys.

Even though I consider myself a pro who aims to produce quality work, I also really get a kick out of seeing absurdly bad design.

Alot of toys are made overseas in China or India, especially cheap products & knockoffs. However, most U.S. toy companies at least have the sense to get their graphic design work done here in The States. When done in another country, the language & cultural differences make for hysterically awful design.

Although it's great for a laugh, it also makes me feel secure to know that creative jobs, like mine, are not in any immediate danger of being shifted to cheaper labor in other countries. Consumers know when something is crap- by the quality of the art used in the design of the product & packaging.

Here is a classic I recently came across, a set of action figures labelled the "Sense of Right Alliance". It is a collection of Earth's mightiest heroes... plus Shrek & a Car?!?!:

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