Friday, January 11, 2013

State-of-the-Art Motion Graphics

On io9, I just saw the cool FX reel for The Avengers movie, above. I'm a harsh critic of superhero movies, but I thought Avengers was definitely one of the best so far. Here's my full review:

We are now able to create utterly convincing virtual realities & previously unimaginable visual imagery, using digital technology.

It's tempting to say that computer graphics can't possibly get much better, but that would be foolish. As long as the continuum of technology keeps progressing, the human brain will be treated to ever more novel stimuli.

I'd also bookmarked this link of various short videos, featuring cutting-edge video effects:


I really liked this video, "Mindplotter"

While I'm on the topic, here's another video I saw on BoingBoing awhile back, with some of 2012's innovations in various fields of computer-generated art & design:

Finally, also via BoingBoing, a nostalgic retrospective of the state of computer art, from the 90's through the 2000's:


I have grown up watching the evolution of digital graphics, & I'm looking forward to seeing what progress lies ahead...