Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Internet's Crazy Pictures

I'm a sponge for visual novelty, & seeing the totally weird pictures people post online is always amusing.

There are countless photo blogs featuring bizarre pics, such as my personal favorites; • Picture is UnrelatedThe ChiveFusion Anomalog. I've had my share of crazy pics posted here, & they are all in the archives:

I saw the *NSFW* list below posted on Facebook & thought it was a great representation of the strangeness that the human race is saving to computer servers around the world.

This photo, of a creepy little old lady in a diner, is one that continually haunts me. 
It is unfortunately true, that what is seen cannot be unseen....

Here is one that wasn't included on the list, but damn well should have been. It's one of the most wacked-out pairs I've ever seen:

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