Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume - "Reptilians for Romney"

"Top Secret Reptilian Agenda'
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I sincerely apologize to any Reptilians out there 
 for exposing your secret agenda

I recently went to a Halloween party, but didn't really have a costume to wear.

Jokingly, I told one of my friends who was going to the party to be a "Reptilian Bilderberg"- along the lines of something from a conspiracy website.

Since my friend was being Mitt Romney, I decided to be the shape-shifting Reptilian myself. I also made last-minute "Reptilians for Romney" stickers & the "Top Secret Reptilian Agenda" at the top of the page.

If anything, the whole Reptilian Conspiracy could be a metaphor for people in power who are operating at a lower, more 'lizard-like' limbic system consciousness. On the other hand, I have a ridiculously open mind, so the idea of shape-shifting reptilian beings running around doesn't seem completely impossible. The world is a weirder place than we can imagine... I've personally never seen something that crazy, though, so for me it's nothing more than wild speculation.

Below are some pics of my costume, which I threw together for less than $10.
For the reptile skin, I found some green textured fabric at AC Moore. Latex fake skin was used to both adhere it & to build up the wound. Red makeup around the edges helped it look a little more realistic. I bought a set of crappy 99¢ fangs to finish it off.

It was crazy enough to make people give me a second look, & it was a bit of twisted fun.

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