Tuesday, May 13, 2014

H.R. Giger, RIP

Today I learned that Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger has died.


H.R. Giger was one of my favorite artists.
I've posted about him on this blog a few times, & I own several of his art books.

The Monkey Buddha Archives:

His unique "biomechanical" designs were used in the iconic, terrifying design of the Xenomorphs from the "Alien" movies. His art was also used to develop the awesome Darkseed computer games that I played as a teenager. The painting "Meister und Margeritha" was featured on the Danzig album, "How the Gods Kill".

He blended organic & mechanical elements into twisted, unsettling images that were compelling and rich in surreal detail.

Much of his art was monotone, but very intricate in design. The themes in his paintings were often otherworldly and nightmarish, with strong sexual overtones.

Here's a comprehensive gallery of his compelling artwork, with some of my favorites below:

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