Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Struggle of Lefties

I write & draw with my left hand, and I always took pride in being left-handed. In the conformist atmosphere of school, "lefties" were seen to be different- which suited my creative personality just fine.

The only major downside I experienced with being left handed is the smearing of ink or pencil lead every time I try to write something. When using a lead pencil, this smearing is called "Silver Surfer Syndrome".

When I was in school & used erasable ink pens,the side of my hand would be smeared with ink & my paper would be a mess. I had to use another piece of paper, under my writing hand, as I went down the page to prevent smearing.

It was extremely annoying, & one of the reasons I prefer making art or writing on the computer. In college, all the computers in the lab had the mouse on the right side.

Therefore, I just ended up learning to use my right hand for the computer mouse. As a professional designer, I still use my right hand with the mouse! So, I guess I'm actually ambidextrous!

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