Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Extreme Character Customization

One of my favorite features of video games is the ability to customize your "avatar," or the character you are virtually controlling onscreen.

I've been playing Saints Row IV, which is a ridiculous & fun open world game. It has endless choices for making your character appear however you want him or her to look.

With the emergence of more effective & immersive virtual reality technology, the human mind will be open to all kinds of novel sensory experiences that could not even be imagined previously. You will be able to assume any form you want, & perhaps even experience consciousness itself in new ways.

The question remains whether this VR technology will help to expand the mind's capabilities, or imprison it in a digital "light labyrinth".

This is a great Onion spoof on the endless customization options available in certain games when creating a virtual being.

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