Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Hubble's Views of Infinity

The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the most mind-expanding pieces of technology ever to be created by humans.

It has allowed us to view breathtaking glimpses of the vast Universe, that forever changed our perspective of the reality we live in.

The rich, dense views of distant star fields that have been imaged by Hubble are just tiny spots taken from the cosmos surrounding us. Each of these little slices of the cosmos that Hubble captures shows thousands of galaxies, containing millions of stars each.

When we look at Hubble images & really ponder them, we are gazing into infinities upon infinities. All sense of ego & self-importance is utterly dissolved in the presence of such incomprehensible vastness.

Here are some articles about recent images that Hubble has captured, revealing the practically infinite nature of our Universe.

This article is about Hubble image heic1408a, which shows the visible & infrared light spectrum:


This article is about Hubble image heic1411, which shows a deep field image in the visible & ultraviolet spectrums:

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