Thursday, July 10, 2014

Understanding Monkey Language

I came across this article about a paper outlining the gestures used to communicate between chimpanzees.


Humanity has generally assumed that other animals are incapable of meaningful language. Like tool-using, complex communication is one of the characteristics that we like to think separates us from "lesser" species.

However, the more we learn about the animal kingdom, the more we realize that these behaviors are not so unique to humans.

Many animals, especially mammals & primates, have been found to use tools for complex tasks.


More difficult to prove & decipher is the use of "language," for meaningful communication between members of a given species. With more study, this is also being shown to be a trait other animals possess.

Humans may have the most detailed and abstract use of language, but any living intelligence has the capability of experientially connecting to other living intelligence.

As we learn more about the rest of the life that inhabits this planet, we will continue to decode the languages of animals, and even non-sentient lifeforms such as plants.


Perhaps there will eventually be software for us to translate these non-human languages, so we can begin to understand the inner worlds of other beings.

 The Atlantic:

The entire living world is talking... we just don't know how to listen.

I am currently reading an e-book from NASA, about how we would communicate with alien beings. If we can't even understand other life from our own planet, it would seem to be just as difficult to try decoding messages from another world.

Perhaps one day, there will be widespread inter-species communication, where animal, human, & alien life will all live in one harmonious family...

by Gary Soszynski

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