Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Battling Impermanence

On BoingBoing I saw a few images from a Tumblr blog of 8-bit computer art with random sayings.


I liked this one & feel this way on a certain level:

Why do people feel the need to create or leave any kind of lasting impression? Art & creative activity is a way to extend ourselves in space & time, to try and overcome the overwhelming reality of impermanence.

Although I feel compelled to be creative and productive every day, when you think on a cosmic scale-
in billions of years, no physical record of our individual lives will exist. The human race very probably won't even exist.

So, in the long run, does anything really matter?

Even if the answer is "No."- that doesn't mean we have to feel despair, or that we can't experience things positively. In fact, the idea of impermanence can make one even more compelled to live fully and soak up what each moment & experience has to offer.

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