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"Omega Computer" Concept

The "Omega Computer" concept was a graphic design project that I created in college, during my senior year at Rowan University in 2001.

My project (which I was allowed to choose) was to design "a computer of the future". I wanted to incorporate cutting-edge technologies that I thought would need to be developed for future electronic devices.

by Paul Micarelli- 2001

In 2001, there were no mass market smartphones or portable networked devices. Most people had just monochromatic cell phones (with no cameras). Commercial touchscreen tablets were just hitting the market, but were a long way from being as popular as the iPad would eventually become.

I think my predictions have proved to be pretty accurate, because many of these features are now standard functions of the iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices.

The eyepiece I designed is similar to Google Glass and other augmented reality headsets.

Some of the ideas still haven't been seen on the market yet- like the outer casings of the Omega components being infused with electronic ink (e-ink), so that it can instantly change and display any color, texture, or design. Also, Nikola Tesla's idea of wireless electric power transmission is just now beginning to gain traction in commercial products.

I created the Omega Computer back when I was a graphic arts student, so my design skills were rudimentary compared to what I could do now, after 14+ years of professional experience. I don't think it's too bad, though- considering my inexperience, as well as the limitations of the Photoshop 6 and the Infini-D 3D modeling software I was using at the time.

Even for a student project, the "Omega Computer" concept was definitely ahead of its time!...

Components of the Omega™ Computer System



The portable Omega Computer device, 
housing the Qflux™ Quantum Processor, camera, 
and fully customizable color e-ink skin. 
It's communication & electric power are completely wireless.

Info sheet for the portable Omega Computer device, 
housing the Qflux™ Quantum Processor, camera, and color e-ink skin.

"Revolutionary: Omega's computer system is the most user-friendly, powerful personal computer ever created. All devices receive wireless data and electricity so you don't have to deal with cables of any kind. Surf the internet quickly and connection free from any location. The Omega unit is compact and comfortable to hold in your hands and takes up little space when placed on a desktop. Not only is it elegantly designed, but the plastic casing is infused with electronic ink that allows you to customize the color and design of the Omega's shell at any time.

Powerful: Powerful is an understatement when describing the Omega Qflux quantum processor. This extraordinary technology uses the energy fluctuations of atomic particles to carry out computations, much like transistors of a silicon processor. However, the Qflux processor performs parallel computations at lightning speed compared to a silicon chip. This makes handling even large, complex processes such as video and 3D instantaneous!

Security: Omega gives you unprecedented security through fingerprint scanners embedded in the left & right 'click' buttons on the unit. Anybody with a different fingerprint is automaticallly recognized and prompted for a password which you can provide. Omega stores their fingerprint and name until you choose to remove them. Omega also contains a tracking device which allows the unit to be found if lost or stolen,

Multi-functional: No other device can give you the multimedia experience of the Omega. It combines  traditional computing with music and video playback, 3D virtual reality gaming, GPS navigation, telephone and video communications, and graphics. An integrated camera allows digital photography and video (when used in combination with the Head Mounted Display) or video conferencing when sitting in front of the computer. All processing is performed in real time regardless of complexity or size due to the revolutionary  Qflux processor.

Maximum Storage: Using holographic data storage technology, information is efficiently stored in the 3D space of a small cube. This tiny space holds 50 tetrabytes of information, or 5,000 gigabytes! This is much more storage capacity than any magnetic hard drive storage ever used in personal computers. All this space means room for every program, file, video, game, book, and song you want!"

The Omega Interactive Display with embedded speakers 
can be either placed on a monitor stand or held.


Info sheet for Omega Interactive Display.

"Interactive: Omega Interactive Display is a flatscreen, touch-sensitive LCD monitor  that allows you to write, choose items, draw, and navigate directly using the Omega stylus. Input devices such as the mouse and drawing tablets are unnecessary with our easy to use interface.

Compact: Our 17" display is 95% viewing area, with almost no surrounding casing to take up space. You get a combination of sight and sound in one compact unit with the stereo speakers embedded behind the screen. The display also folds in half for easy transportation or storage.

Wireless: Since the Interactive Display is powered by our wireless electricity transmission and also has a wireless data connection to the Omega Computer unit, there are no cords or batteries to deal with. This means you can use it anywhere- on the sofa, in the kitchen, or outside! If you want to stay in the office, you can attach it back to its stand for a space-saving work area.

Multi-media: Our Interactive Display contains high-quality 6"x9" flat stereo speakers to complete the Omega multimedia experience. Watch video, enjoy lifelike gaming, or hear crystal clear music while computing without the burden of seperate speaker hookups!"


The Head-Mounted Display is an eyepiece, with a microphone, earphones, and a high-resolution screen that tracks your eye movement. It is fully interactive with the other Omega™ computer devices.

Info sheet for the Head-Mounted Display

"Mobile: Omega's HMD (Head-Mounted Display) is a wireless personal interface for mobile, private computing. The screen in the LCD eyepiece is navigated by looking around the screen. The cursor tracks where you are looking  using low power lasers that follow your eye movement. The buttons on the hand-held Omega unit are used to "click" an item.

Comfortable: The headband and eyepiece arm are fully adjustable for maximum comfort. Also, the eyepiece can be detached and positioned over the left or right eye. The unit fits over eyeglasses and the screen is designed for minimal occlusion, meaning the screen does not black out your surroundings, but seems to be superimposed over it. This lets you easily focus back and forth between screen and environment.

Versatile: Omega's lightweight HMD contains  a high-res LCD screen, stereo headphones, and a microphone to communicate and interface easily in one unit. Can be used in conjunction with the Omega keyboard for typing applications."

The Omega portable keyboard 
is ergonomic and folds up to be easily transported. 
It also has the same e-ink shell as the Omega computer, 
so the keys and skin are fully customizable.

The Omega computer being used with the keyboard and the screen on its monitor stand. All the Omega components have full color e-ink shells, for fully customizable appearance.


The Omega computer being used with the interactive touchscreen with a stylus. All the Omega components have full color, e-ink shells for fully customizable appearance.


The Omega computer being used with the Head-Mounted Display (HMD) eyepiece. All the Omega components have full color, e-ink shells for fully customizable appearance.

he Omega computer has un-hackable quantum encryption and fingerprint scanners for maximum security.


 All the Omega components have full color, electronic ink (e-ink) shells for fully customizable appearance. This is the first computer system to incorporate e-ink on the outside casing. Changing the color, pattern, or design of your Omega devices is as easy as changing your desktop wallpaper!

Omega Sales Brochure

• These are the outside panels of a brochure presenting information about the components of the Omega computer system.

• These are the inside panels of a brochure presenting information about the components of the Omega computer system. 

 "Wireless: Omega and all peripheral devices are wireless, meaning no connections or power cables! With PaulMic Technologies startup plan, for one low price you receive wireless power to your unit for as long as you own your Omega, NO BATTERIES OR CORDS NEEDED! All device and internet connections are cableless, so there is no hassle of confusing hookups.

Powerful: The Qflux quantum processor uses atomic energy fluctuations to compute faster and more efficiently than any silicon chip. Now the infinite possibilities of this technology are in the palm of your hand for graphics, gaming, and calculations. Now files that take enormous processing power, such as video and 3D rendering are instantaneous and take place in real time. The Omega's holographic data storage gives you 50 tetrabytes of storage for all the files and programs you'll ever need. Store libraries of music, games, and video in a space the size of a sugar cube! The cube-shaped storage unit stores data simultaneously in 3 dimensions for compact storage and instant retrieval.

Versatile: You don't work on Omega, you work with Omega. This is the first computer designed to conform to your needs at any given time. You can use any combination of peripherals with the Omega unit depending on your situation. 
the Omega combines the functions of a multitude of devices for a single, integrated, true multimedia experience. The Omega runs traditional computer programs, from word processing to graphics, a digital video/still camera, a GPS navigator, phone communication, music & video playback, ability to store and read volumes of ebooks and magazines, and high-tech gaming.

Stylish: The Omega unit, keyboard, and monitor stand all have a state of the art color electronic ink infused into the plastic. This allows you to customize the outer appearance of any of these devices with any color, pattern, or design that you like- at any time! Also, all Omega products are ergonomically and aesthetically designed to appeal to your sense of comfort and style.

Secure: Omega's click buttons read your fingerprint for personalized security. If someone else wants to use your Omega, all they have to do is type or say a designated password when prompted. Omega will then recognize their fingerprint when used. Therefore, you have peace of mind knowing that only you or your family and friends can access your Omega. If lost or stolen, the Omega has an embedded tracking device that works along with its GPS system to allow authorities to pinpoint its exact location.

Portable: All Omega devices are designed for easy transport and use on the go. The computer itself is lightweight and small enough to hold in your hand (the picture at far left is actual size). The touch-sensitive flat screen monitor and keyboard fold up for compact storage. The head mounted display unit is omega's mobile interface with  integrated microphone, earphones, and LCD display. Best of all, there are no wires or batteries to deal with when on the go thanks to Omega's wireless energy receiver."

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