Sunday, June 21, 2015

Big Paul's Adventures in History VI

I have a lot of photos of my Dad sleeping in many different chairs, on many different occasions.  

He has worked hard in the food retail business all his life, but when he gets a chance to sit down & relax, it usually turns into a snoozefest. Family events or holidays inevitably become napping opportunities for the big guy.

My old friend Dan J. gave me the idea- to have pictures of my Dad sleeping right through important times in history. I thought this idea was hysterical & created this series of "snapshots" showing Big Paul experiencing historic events, in his own special way.

This is the sixth set of of "adventures," as he sleeps his way through the most important events in history.

To commemorate my Dad's birthday & Father's Day, I made the 3 new History Adventures below.

Click the link to see the whole series:

"Big Paul's Adventures in History"
Building the Pyramids

As Egyptian workers toil on the Giza plateau, my Dad slumbers in the desert sun.

"Big Paul's Adventures in History"
Roman Gladiator Games

Despite having a front row seat to the bloody spectacle of Colosseum gladiator battles, Big Paul is not amused & sleeps through the noise of a roaring crowd.

"Big Paul's Adventures in History"
The Discovery of Fire

As a primitive human struggles to harness the power of fire, my Dad Paul effortlessly takes a power nap.

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