Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Amish Hex Sign Rosette Patterns

I haven't been able to post because been very busy lately, moving out of my current home. I've been clearing out the place I rent, packing up my belongings, & having yard sales. Once I make the move & finish the transition, I'll have more time to post here.

My girlfriend's parents sell items they find at auctions and estate sales on eBay. Their store is called "Posha '05", and I designed their logo & eBay banner. Anyway, they always come across interesting things I've never seen before.

Last night, I was looking through their latest set of finds & saw a folder with the rosette pattern, which is found in the center of the "Flower of Life" symbol. This is a geometric construction of interlocking circles that is the basis for the design of the strategy game I created, "Da Vinci's Challenge".

The Official Facebook Page: 

Since my eye is trained to look for this symbol now, it jumps out at me whenever I come across it. I knew that the rosette design is common in Pennsylvania Dutch, or "Amish", art.

When I looked at the contents of the envelope, there were several patterns featuring the rosette in a circle. These templates were used to guide artists who wanted to create are with these features.

I thought it was pretty cool, so I took some photos of the cover envelope & pages to post:

Legendary Pennsylvania Dutch
Hex Sign Patterns
©1964 Jacob & Jane Zook

The rosette pattern is much older & more widespread than just the use by the Amish. Here is a Flikr photo gallery showing ancient uses of "The Flower of Life", and the simpler "Seed of Life" & rosette designs:

scroll down to see examples

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