Monday, June 06, 2016

"The Tree of Life" Storybook

I am illustrating a storybook, called "The Tree of Life".

I was contacted out of the blue by the author Danny Ling. He had found my website The Monkey Buddha while doing a Google search for his story. He shared the manuscript with me & I thought it was an awesome story, so we decided to work together to make this vision a reality.

"The Tree of Life" is a story of cooperative problem solving, featuring animal characters with their own unique personalities. However, they must come together to save the ancient "Tree of Life" that is the center of their world.

The logo above is a design that I made for the social media pages about the book.

* Please "Like" or "Follow" the pages if you want to follow our progress. you will be able to see the animal characters I've drawn, as we release them!


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 Here is some info about the project:


“The Tree of Life” is a story by Danny Ling, that explores the interconnected nature of all living things.

Danny serendipitously found artist Paul Micarelli on the Internet to help bring his idea to life. We have been collaborating to turn this idea into an illustrated storybook, in the style of zen ink drawings & watercolor paintings. 

Our vision is to create a beautiful and enjoyable book which instills enlightened ideals into the younger generations. 

By introducing these insights to children, we hope to help raise the consciousness of the whole world. 

These concepts include problem-solving through cooperation, appreciating the sanctity of life, and having a deep connection with the natural world.


Follow us to be a part of the ongoing development of “The Tree of Life”. We look forward to sharing images & ideas related to the creation of the book!

To contact us about ‘The Tree of Life” project, please email:

We hope you will join us, to find unity through art & storytelling.

Thank You!

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