Monday, November 27, 2017

IN-SHADOW- A Modern Odyssey

I came across this absolutely mind-blowing short film (13 min.) while scrolling through the many inanities of the Facebook news feed. I reposted it, with just a Keanu Reeves-like "Woah."

Official Website:

It was written, directed & produced by Lubomir Arsov, and it is a work of genius by those involved.

The movie attempts to rip apart the facade of maya, the illusion that envelopes our society & our perceptions. This cosmic web of apparently unique phenomena is actually a singular Unity, an underlying energy at the quantum level. This infinite array of interacting, energetic patterns only seems to be a bunch of different things on the level of human perception.

The virtual light show in our skull creates the appearance of difference. Good, bad, neutral, moral, immoral, positive, negative, horrible, wonderful, indifferent... they are all modes of that fundamental base energy that has no human characteristics (but somehow still gives rise to those characteristics in the human form).

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven 
unless its roots reach down to hell.”
-C.G. Jung

IN-SHADOW explores the darker sides of human nature & culture, before annihilating it all in a psychedelic, spiritual ascension. Systems of control on a personal level, as well as on a social scale, are unmasked. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, factory farming, mass media, fast food, banking, politics (yes, politics is clearly an industry), military, and technology are all shown as interconnected systems with negative aspects that are manifested from the base impulses of greed, fear, hate, and ignorance. Of course, they are not all completely bad, but are among the most commonly corrupted.

The Jung quote above, from the IN-SHADOW movie page, refers to the transformation that signifies all hero journeys- the descent into the "lower" realms of human experience, before merging with the light. This is a theme that occurs in many stories, including my favorite Star Wars. We have to understand the worst aspects of the world to know what we might face and how to overcome it. If we can't overcome it, we need to know how to at least be at peace with ourselves and our collective infinite nature.

If you've already read to this point & haven't watched the movie, take about 10 minutes to check it out. It is an awe-inspiring movie that is worth watching.

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