Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Shupp's Grove Market Finds

Last weekend, my family went to Lancaster for a dinner & show at the Rainbow Comedy Club. For the last few Christmases, my parents have given our family tickets to the theater and reservations at the Richmond House bed & breakfast. We always have a great time on the trip, and before heading home, we usually stop at some antique markets in the morning.

This year, we went to Shupp's Grove in Adamstown, PA. It's set nicely in a wooded area, and luckily the weather was good. When I go to these places, I am astounded at the amount of random crap on display. There's just tables & tables of STUFF of all kinds. Some of it is valuable antique, most of it is total junk, & much of it is probably open to interpretation.

I love to take pictures of the weirder and more humorous items I see at these markets. Since I'm a man of few wants & needs, I rarely see anything I actually want to buy. The one thing I'm a sucker for is books. This time, I did get an American Medical Association: Encyclopedia of Medicine for $1.

Anyway, here are some of the crazier items that caught my eye...

This creepy-ass clock man was one of the first things I saw:

I always notice monkey-related things for this blog. 
Here's one made from a coconut shell:

Decorative Eggs, one of the collections of random items on display:

A phrenology bust by L.N. Fowler:

Another monkey item, this time a cookie jar:

 My fiancĂ©e Loretta was confused by this wooden lady:

This large wood dragon carving was actually pretty cool:
A Native American stereotype figure:

 "Smilin' Sam from Alabam'
The Salted Peanut Man"
One of the less racist depictions of African-Americans from yesteryear:

There's always guaranteed to be strange mannequin heads somewhere:

This was one of my favorites-
Pairs of dirty kids shoes being used as planters:
 Last, but not least, "Farm Country Ranch: Action Rodeo Set" 
Yee-haa kids!

Here is a family pic we took before we went to the dinner theater:
Sawyer & Micarelli Family
Greg, Mandi, Loretta, Paul M., Karen, Paul J., Sylvia, Joe, Johanna, & Justin

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