Saturday, August 20, 2005

Apocalypse Now, or Later?

With increasing criticism of the Bush Administration for about a million different reasons, and the pressure on the Israeli government because of Ariel Sharon's decision to pull his settlers out of the Gaza Strip, I get more and more nervous each day that these fools will do something crazy in an attempt to restore a post 9-11 sense of control.

To me, the absolute worst-case scenario is that something happens to Bush, and Cheney puts the country on lock down and retaliates against a chosen target nation(s).

This is another nightmare situation that is scary because of how possible it is.
We may have just had a close encounter with the above situation.
(Imagine if a missed rocket attack drives up oil prices 3%, what will happen if we attack Iran or Venezuela?)

The reality is, Dick Cheney and his buddy, Prime Minister Sharon, have already been gearing up for such a scenario.

Here is a report from the Christian Science Monitor.

Hopefully a higher public awareness of what these guys are doing will diffuse any destructive plans that are being created. I think if there is another major "terror attack" in the US soon, 2 things could happen.
1) Police State, international panic and fear, another invasion of an oil-rich country that is a threat to Israel (ie. exactly what the Bush/Cheney administration want)... or
2) The American people finally see through the Al-Qaeda "ooga-booga!" fear-mongering and demand accountability from our leaders for their disasterous foreign & domestic policies.

World-class Gangsters

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