Thursday, August 18, 2005


Gravity Replaced with "Intelligent Falling" -parody from The Onion

I have problems with both "Evolution" and "Intelligent Design."
My main problem with organized religion is that it encourages unquestioning obedience.
My main problem with organized science is that it unwisely uses phrases like "evolution."

...You may be suprised, though, to learn that I actually don't agree with the idea of "evolution!"

Here's my take:
"Natural Selection" is an observable, factual process.
Living things mutate over time, and given enough time, can morph into completely different forms.
This is directly seen in a lab with fruit flies & microorganisms, and in nature through the fossil record.

On the other hand:
"Evolution" is a subjective, and therefore unprovable word & theory.
When you say "evolution" it implies that life now is better than anything that has come before.
It also suggests that all the mutations and adaptations throughout time are on a steadily improving slope.
That is a judgement call based on what you think "better" means, and makes for a shaky scientific term.

Proveable genetic mutation and physical adaptation over time should always be called "Natural Selection".

As for "Intelligent Design," there is obviously underlying order and observable patterns in our universe. That is one of the subtle lessons of Da Vinci's Challenge and the idea of Sacred Geometry. The more you study the Golden Mean, Fractals, Quantum Physics, and Sacred Geometry, the deeper your awareness of the amazing complexity and connectivity of the world becomes.

The problem for me is crediting a personal deity or supernatural "intelligence" for it. I prefer to think of "God" as the infinite order and creative energy of the universe. This is the unknowable ALL in ONE which has no name, gender, or personality. It has no reasons, no meanings, and no "designs" that human beings can begin to comprehend. It will always amuse me how mere mortals claim that God is The Great Unknowable Mystery, yet they also claim to know so much about "Him" and what "He" wants.

The important thing to remember is that when scientists, priests, or even know-it-all graphic designers talk,
all they are really saying is this.

"What Intelligent Entity would knowingly design a George W. Bush?" --Grant Gerver

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C-dell said...

I see where you are coming from and I agree. who are we to ever begin to say we understand God or his plans all I can say is that we should live good lives. You insight into this topic is a breath of fresh air