Thursday, August 04, 2005

Da Vinci's Challenge Awards

I have been completely dumbfounded by the positive response and interest Da Vinci's Challenge is generating.

It won **7** major awards in the toy industry in less than 6 months after it's release!
I'm glad people are discovering the unique depth of this concept.

• The first award was from Mensa's Mind Games competition,
where 5 games out of about 50 are chosen after a weekend-long tournament: (choose "2005" from the menu)

• DVC was picked for the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award, a pretty important recognition. We just found out we also won the Platinum Award, their highest, which means DVC will be one of the toys & games featured in a TV segment (the Today show, I think) in September!!!
Toy Portfolio: Games
It will also be featured in their 2006 book:

Parent's Choice Award, one that will definitely help it sell:

iParenting Media Award, never heard of it until now...(about) :

Dr. Toy, has named Da Vinci's Challenge one of its 10 Best Games:

Canadian Toy Testing Council...gave it three stars, which makes Da Vinci's Challenge an international award winner!!!

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