Thursday, February 23, 2006

28 Years

Well... as I was busy being born 28 years ago today, there was only one other thing of consequence that was happening in the world.

"Star Wars toys first emerged in 1978. For the kids and teenagers of the time, Star Wars and Star Wars toys were totally new, totally unlike any other film or toys before."

When I was little, the Star Wars films were always the biggest source of inspiration and amazement for me. I still have crayon drawings of when I was around 6, with Luke Skywalker in his black Jedi gear fighting the Rancor monster.

....pause as I rummage through my boxes of artwork in my closet.....

click to enlarge

God bless my Mom for saving every friggin thing we did as kids. The fact that I actually still have this drawing and so much of my art is unbelieveable to me. Whenever I look at any art that I've done in my life, it takes me back to the state of mind and experiences of that time. Making this picture is one of my vivid memories of kindergarten, because I thought the picture turned out so cool. It's funny, though, for the longest time, I thought I drew this with Luke holding his green lightsaber...

Oh crap, I just dug deeper into my box o' old drawings and I must have been thinking of this...

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