Thursday, February 02, 2006

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

You know, there's conspiracy theory... and then there's plain old conspiracy.

Sure, it might be interesting to note that Zogby's polls of New York City residents show that about half of the people suspect domestic involvement in the mind-numbing events of 9/11. You might say, though, "Well polls are simply measures of opinion!"

However, when top minds of the country form a group to expose the tough truths about the most outrageous crime ever commited on US soil, it is a serious wake-up call. Check out the names & credentials on that list. Then, read this research paper by Brigham Young University physics professor Steven Jones.

The video links of NYC firefighters revelations and footage of the tower collapses are damning enough, but the physical and visual evidence is overwhelming.

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S. King said...

Why are you willing to accept credentials of these people, none of whom are structural engineers or forensic scientists, but include a number of debunked conspiracists, and Prof. Jones, who received the harshest criticism one could get from his own peers, the public distancing by his own Physics Dept and BYU?

Perhaps a little due diligence is in order.

And some real physics:

S. King