Thursday, February 02, 2006

Day 1: War with Iran

USAF veteran, Douglas Herman correctly predicted the aftermath of the attack on Iraq in his column: "'Shock & Awe'... followed by 'Block-to-Block'."

In this article, he describes the disasterous scenario of a possible Israeli/American military engagement with Iran.
Day One - The War With Iran

"Just before the sun rose over Tehran, moments before the Muslim call to prayer, the missiles struck their targets. While US Air Force AWACS planes circled overhead--listening, watching, recording--heavy US bombers followed minutes later. Bunker-busters and mini-nukes fell on dozens of targets while Iranian anti-aircraft missiles sped skyward."

It is horrifying that the leaders of the nations who have the most influence on this situation are war-mongering fundamentalists with no positive creative thinking ability whatsoever. The leadership of the US and Israel are at least as guilty for the escalation of rhetoric and aggression in this situation as is President Ahmadinejad of Iran. We have two psychopaths at the head of our own government who are war profiteers and corrupt beyond comprehension, looking for anything to distract from their criminal behavior. We have a Congress that is on the leash of the myriad lobbyists in DC like AIPAC and ongoing investigations into the spies embedded in the Pentagon and the Executive Branch. Finally we have the multi-headed beast of oil and military-industrial behemoths whose unholy appetite now seems to demand the mass-murder of Iranian civilians and the theft of their resources and sovereignty.

I hope my sense of dread is unfounded, but the fools at the helm of the ship have given me no reason to be assured. Can the American people put on enough political and financial pressure quickly enough to halt the path to disaster being tread? The problems facing the world right now seem insurmountable, but it is definitely an interesting time to be alive, to say the least.

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