Saturday, February 18, 2006

Alien Religion

I came across this story in the UK Sunday Herald about the relation of religion, especially Christianity, to the possibility of extraterrestrial, or even extra-dimensional, life. This is something we don't really think about because we are so used to aliens in movies & TV. If people found out there were really aliens, though, it would be crazy.
“Is original sin something that affected all intelligent beings?” he asks. “Is there a sort of ‘cosmic’ Adam predating even life on Earth? Is Jesus Christ’s redemptive sacrifice sufficient for the whole universe? Would there be a parallel history of salvation on other planets?”

I think people would definitely freak out if it was known that some sort of beings existed and even observing mankind. The idea, though, that alien life was the basis for religion and myths would make people just as bonkers!

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A.V. Michaels said...

Author Paul Davies wrote, "Belief that mankind has a special relationship with God is central to the monotheistic religions. The existence of alien beings, especially if they were further advanced than human intellectually and spiritually, would disrupt this cozy view."

I believe you are indeed correct, if these "Nephilim" or "Elohim" did reappear to us, people would freak out, and lose their 'religion' - on the other hand, if someone tried to explain the existence of these beings in the Bible, they would freak out just as much!! I wrote more in my article "God vs. UFOs" at