Monday, October 22, 2007

Ghetto Fried Chicken by Ms. Peachez

My friend Dan forwards me some wacked out stuff, but this might take the cake. I can't help but post this madness for posterity & my own amusement.

The Weng-Weng Rap had a certain amount of coolness to it. However this music video is nothing but crazy. I actually wasted a few seconds of my life and read some commentary about the negative racial & gender implications of this apparently highly-controversial piece. My argument would be that this video is as offensive as a whoopie cushion. It is so silly and laughably insane that it makes the human species as a whole look stupid... which makes it great.

Regardless, I would not get near this maniac, or anything that 'it' was cooking! Where the hell are these kids' parents at?!?!

"Fry That Chicken" by 'Ms. Peachez'
(...who appears to be a chicken-crazed
ghetto transvestite of some sort).
Oh well - turn up the bass, grab a drumstick,
and get down with Ms. Peachez!

"You like the wing? Yep!
You like the thigh? Yep!
You like the white meat? Yep!
You like the leeeeg? Yep!"

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