Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stephen Colbert for President

Sorry Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul, but my true ideal candidate has parted the pool of contenders- like a modern political Moses.

I was watching the Daily Show, & Stephen Colbert announced... the possibility... of choosing.. whether or not... to run for President. 15 minutes later, on his own show, he made the big announcement. Although I would rather have an insightful artist/satirist as a leader than a corrupt politician/CEO/lawyer, some are wondering "can he take the heat?"

I think he should really campaign as a write-in & win the whole goddamn thing. Unfortunately, like Howard Stern's failed bid for Governor of NY, I don't think the brilliant comedic mind of Stephen Colbert is destined to lead us into a 'truthier' future from the Oval Office, which is currently being used as a monkey cage.

Speaking of Stephen Colbert & The Monkey:

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