Thursday, October 04, 2007

Ancient Art Tech

It's strange how a discipline, such as art, can change so drastically over time. My major technical concern is learning creative software & techniques. During the design process, I don't usually have to deal with materials other than my screen & printer. Back in the day, though, the creative process was much more of a pain in the ass. From making your own pigments and brushes, to simply not having access to the most revolutionary information tool ever created, the Internet. Just looking at the trouble monks had to go through to make ink is much more than my lazy ass would feel like dealing with. Although new media have been developed in recent times, art through the ages has always expressed the endless potential of the human mind.

Thank goodness I'm living in the age of decadent electronic devices... The only problem would be if some kind of cosmic electromagnetic catastrophe were to destroy all electronic media, alot of my work would instantly disappear. My only consolation is that the rest of the world be wallowing in analog-only hell with me. One thing I'm pretty sure will outlast me is the original stone & metal version of Da Vinci's Challenge I made as a senior design student. Working on that project made me really respect the integrity of the materials & the people who are experts at working with them.

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