Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Jenna Bush Paradox

Well, it takes alot to really shock me, but my mind has been officially blown.
I've pondered the vast perplexing nature of reality from nanostructures to cosmic cycles, but nothing could prepare me for the personal paradox that faced me a little while ago when Jenna Bush popped up on my TV screen talking to Larry King -

Because it's almost unbearable for me to watch her father The War Monkey speak for more than 30 seconds, I must say I was stunned to find Jenna Bush to be completely captivating & authentic.
Has the bad karma simply run out in the Bush bloodline?!?

Although I always thought Barbara was much hotter, I always recognized both the Bush twins for at least being very good-looking. In her interview, though, Jenna came across as articulate, compassionate, and very insightful. My brain could not wrap around the sheer absurdity of there being a Bush that I find really likable. Just thinking about it gives me a headache. I will go on record, though, as saying that I would seriously yank out Dubya & put Jenna in the Oval Office instead. Right now. (I'd be fine with a damn monkey in there instead, so it's not saying much- but still...)

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