Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

The 2 shows I have considered my guilty pleasures lately have wrapped up this week w/ their season finales & they didn't dissapoint.

Even someone with such high-brow sensibilities as myself is not immune to the pansexual hijinks of Tila Tequila & the queen of nutty bitches, New York. God, I am so entertained by these shows it's ridiculous.

The finales of both shows kept me wondering till the end. New York picked the little white weasel, Tailor Made. They're both manipulative assholes & totally deserve each other. I don't know how anyone can be willing to put up with her nonsense or, even worse, her psycho-sasquatch mother.

I was convinced Tila Tequila was going to choose the firefighting lesbian, Dani, who had become known among me & my friends as "Johnny Pan" due to the fact that she looks like Peter Pan's cousin. However, nervous & effeminate Bobby somehow got Tila to keep him, even though he didn't come correct in any sense of the word. If he would have lost to 'Dani Pan' he would have been the shame of straight guys everywhere.

Thank you Tila Tequila & New York for showing America the mating rituals of insane people. They provided enough laughs and head-shaking moments to keep me tuned in week to week... and I am so much smarter because of it!!!

New York's Mom, Sister Patterson:

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