Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Star Wars Stuff

I wanted to post some random stories I've come across about my favorite movie saga.

• Top 10 Crazy Star Wars Tattoos

As great as I think Star Wars movies are, I would never be enough of a dork to get a tattoo of any kind of Star Wars imagery. I would definitely never get a tattoo as crazy as the ones on this list.

• Yoda Pizza

This pizza looks as delicious as it does cool. I usually would never think of ripping Yoda's face apart, but in this case its necessary.

Pizza the Hut's Arch-Nemesis

My friend Dan sent me this link showing Star Wars Toys that are a little too 'real' to be produced. I design a lot of toy packaging, so I appreciate how wonderfully absurd these are.

I really like the idea of an action figure of "The Force," which is an empty box (of course). This silly idea actually encapsulates the crazy dichotomy of the Star Wars phenomenon. On the one hand, the brand George Lucas created is one of the most successful licenses ever & results in all kind of toys, products, and material crap for consumer consumption. On the other hand, the stories and the philosophy behind it have an immaterial essence that affects the soul and mind in a way that transcends the consumer culture we are enmeshed in. This image kind of mashes those two polar aspects together.

I'd buy it!