Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Golden Compass Daemon - a Monkey!

I don't know too much about The Golden Compass, other than it's supposed to be the atheist's answer to The Chronicles of Narnia. I'm guessing that's an overly simplistic reading of the story, though.

A feature on The Golden Compass website that was linked by caught my attention enough to visit the site. It is a seemingly meaningless set of questions that help determine the animal spirit, or Daemon, that best corresponds to your soul qualities, or some crap like that.

After trying it though, I have to assume that there really is some type of magic involved, since it revealed my Daemon counterpart to be a wonderful primate by the name of Lysandra, characterized as modest, solitary, fickle, assertive, & flexible monkey. Get out of my head, Golden Compass!

Even The Monkey Buddha has Daemons.