Thursday, December 13, 2007

Phillip Glass: "Geometry of Circles"

I saw this animation linked on & I was shaking my head in disbelief. First of all, I remember seeing these segments as a kid when they aired on Sesame Street back in the day. All I remember is that these colorful circles were dancing around to weird music!

Now, I can watch this & recognize the fascinating sacred geometry lesson that was being presented - in a wordless, transcendent fashion. As a designer I have a deep interest in all forms of art theory. By studying all these ideas such as Sacred Geometry, the Golden Ratio, Fractals, etc, we get a more creative view of reality.

This animation specifically deals with the concept of the "Flower of Life" symbol. This is a field of equally overlapping circles that forms a repeating pattern of shapes and lines. My interest in the esoteric background of this ancient symbol led me to design and create the game Da Vinci's Challenge. (My brother & I were joking that I must have been hypnotized by this video on Sesame Street when I was little.) It's interesting to wonder how much forgotten imagery & experiences from the distant past still influences your everyday life.