Thursday, June 05, 2008


So it seems like Barack Obama is heading toward the general election against John McCain.

I really can't wait to see these two in a debate setting. It will be a real study in contrast!

McCain is no monster, & I'd vote for him over George W. Bush, but that's also not saying much. I'm sure some people will find McCain more appealing, but there also people out there who like to hang by their flesh on meat hooks.

When I hear Obama talk at length about his vision of what America should be, it resonates with me. Of course the guy's not perfect & has shady links, like every other high-profile American citizen. It's not a small thing that his associate Tony Rezko is convicted at the same time as the Dem race ends. I'm sure we'll being hearing about that till the fall. On the other hand, I don't think alot of what his former pastor Jeremiah Wright said was all that crazy... but then again I have a high threshold for craziness.

Anyway, I'm not one to get my hopes up about the American political system. Until President Obama is actually sworn, in I'm going to assume the worst - that Bush, Inc. will somehow stay in charge. But in the Election Multiverse, I prefer an outcome with a leader who can inspire this country & amplify the positive aspects of this nation, and not the negative.

In a tribute to "The Long Legged Mack-Daddy" here's some of my personal favorite Obama-related clips:

• The great viral video that started it all "Obama Girl":

• Pastor Manning's unbelievably awesome mack-daddy sermon on Obama that I referenced above. Howard Stern uses the clip of this guy yelling "OBAMA!" & I find myself exclaiming it.

• Stephen Colbert exposes Barack Hussein Obama:

• Daily Show interview with John Stewart:

• "Yes I Inhaled... That was the Point"

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