Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ASN: "American Shopping Network"

*Disclaimer: The entire contents of this post are parody
This is a non-commercial, fair use and not meant to resemble any existing entities... obviously.

In my Tribute to Infomercials, I linked to a preview for a set of videos my brother & I made several years ago.

Justin just uploaded a set of episodes to Youtube for a spoof we created called -

We made it for one of his film projects when he was in school & had a blast with it.

I convinced Justin to edit & upload these segments, despite their laughably low-budget appearance.

We actually filmed over an hour of improvised bits, but he had to cut it down to fifteen minutes of material for his assignment. Alot of other craziness got cut out, though we're trying to salvage some other parts. If these clips get alot of viewers, we'll probably make more segments.

Basically, it is a parody of QVC & other merchandising shows - starring two loveable hucksters selling absolute crap.

• I play "Jimmie Ray" aka. "JR", and Justin is "Montgomery 'Monty' J. Scheisterman".

• Our brother Joe helped out, playing "Bud the Camerman" & Nate plays the director "Burnt Shooskii".

Here is the link to the Micarelli Productions page that Justin set up, with links to all the clips:

• I would recommend watching this episode first-

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