Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rock & Roll Editorial

My Dad buys several newpapers each week, The Philadelphia Inquirer & local ones like the Gloucester County Times.

He rarely stops in the middle of reading the paper to talk about it.

Last Wednsday, I was over my parents house & my Dad handed over the Gloucester Cty Times editorial page to me with a smile on his face, so I knew it had to be good....

My father (Big Paul) is a child of the 60's & has always been a classic rock guy. He has been in several bands & even recently got back together to rock out with some of his old bandmates.

The ridiculous editorial I scanned below gave him a good laugh. I had to read it twice & thought it might even be a joke. I ended up taking the page with me, because the letter was so fascinatingly pathetic.

I was actually considering writing a simple 3-word reply to 'L. Kramer', the author of this unintentionally(?) amusing anti-rock screed, saying...."YOU'RE A SQUARE."

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Considering L. Kramer's final question:
"It's a war of good vs. bad music.
Which side are you on?"

My answer would be:
"The side in which monotonous, overpowering beats are hypnotizing me as my body thrashes around, of course!"

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lilly_spte said...

After a couple years of experimenting with hallucinatory drugs, I wasn't aware I could achieve the same euphoric feeling with a best of the 60's rock compilation cd.