Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mayan Palingenesis 2012

I love to browse through Ffffound!.com and can click away through the wide variety of pictures posted there.

There's plenty of visual evidence of how wonderfully crazy the world truly is. This particular picture that stopped me in my tracks features nothing more than 3 essential elements:

1) Sassy she-devil Governor Sarah Palin's Cheshire Cat-like visage vibrating in mid-air.

2) The ancient Temple of Kukulkan, of the Mexican Mayans, with what appears to be Dark Side lightning emanating from within.

3) Appearing over the Mayan pyramid - the menacing date of "2012", the supposed end of a Meso-american time cycle. Depending on who you listen to, this either means the total end of human existence as we understand it... or not.

I saw this and thought it was absolutely awesome. The Ffffound! post links to one of the blogs on Tumblr that is nothing but cool wacked-out pictures.

The creator of the 'Palin 2012' masterpiece above^ must have seen something I posted about before - one of the most spectacularly stupifying rants imaginable:

It still amazes me that someone actually created that article... it makes me feel like this blog is at least 'semi-rational'.

However, if by some horrible, horrible twist of reality, Sarah Palin becomes President in 2012 - I will proclaim the author to be the modern Nostradamus.

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