Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Augmented Reality Exhibit

It may seem crazy, but think it's inevitable that humans and computers will meld together, to the point of what could be called an "augmented reality" (& beyond).

To some extent, this is already in progress- since we already constantly use electronic devices to improve the way we communicate, remember, navigate, and learn.

This continual expansion of human consciousness inspired me to project into a possible realm where symbiotic computers like an "iThink" become integral to our reality. This would be no different then how society has adapted to the universality of instantaneous communication. Having a symbiotic, consciousness-effecting networked computer implant might soon be considered no different than having a cell phone on you at all times.

One of the countless applications of such a computer directly tied into the nervous system might be the ability to virtually immerse oneself into enhanced environments. Data could be displayed and transmitted as fast as the user's thoughts.

I've always thought it would be great to visit an ancient landmark and experience virtual buildings and surroundings to overlay your immediate view.

This exhibit I saw linked on Gizmondo is like a primitive version of my dream archaeology lesson. In this present case, a moveable Apple monitor is needed to shift the view of the area. Having more advanced data overlays activated in your line of vision at will is going to prove to be much more interesting...

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